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A New Rechargeable Electricity Storage Battery
The invention relates to a rechargeable DC storage battery that comprises lead oxide / lead dioxide as positive electrode, lead as negative electrode and a saturated ionic solution of sodium / potassium / lithium dichromate as electrolyte. Upon charging, the positive lead oxide is converted into lead dichromate and negative lead is converted into lead dichromate. Upon discharging, the positive lead dichromate is converted back into lead oxide whereas negative lead dichromate into lead. It has discharging efficiency with greater than 90% and faster charging with more than 2000 charge & discharge cycles. The invention has been applied for patent protection (Indian Patent application no. 0214DEL2012). An electric battery containing tannery effluent as an electrolyte
The invention provides an electric battery prepared from chemically modified tannery effluent water with the addition of an inorganic salt. It comprises a combination of cells connected either in parallel or series. Each cell is composed of one positive electrode selected from carbon, lead; a negative electrode selected as Iron; and an electrolyte prepared from chemically modified tannery effluent water using an inorganic salt. The battery produces an open circuit voltage of 1.5V to 1.6V and 9.0V to 9.6V when six cells are connected in parallel and series, respectively. The unique feature of the invention is that it provides an option to utilize the polluting tannery effluent water in an economical way. Indian Patent application no. is 0941DEL2014.
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