CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Dr.Rames Chandra Panda
Sr. Principal Scientist
Academic Qualifications
    Ph.D(Chem. Engg)
Contact Details
Dr.Rames Chandra Panda
Sr. Principal Scientist
Honorary Faculty, Anna University
Chemical Engineering
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Adyar, Chennai – 600 020
e-mail: panda@clri.res.in,
Phone:91 44 24916706

Area of Interest

utotuning of PID controllers, Relay feedback, Model based controllers, Intelligent control, Artificial Neural Network, Multi variable control, Semi automation of Tannery wet operations.

Institute Year Grades Degree
Indian Institute of Technology Chennai 1994   Ph.D.(Process Control)
Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Chennai 1989 1 (CGPA 8.86) M.Tech(Process Control & Instrumentation)
Chemical Engineering
Jadavpur University Calcutta 1987 1 (72.25%) B.Tech (Chemical Tech.)

Research Experience:

He started his research career since 1989. Hence he has got more than 25 yrs (5 yrs in Ph.D, 15 yrs in CLRI, Govt. of India, 1.5 yrs at Germany, 2 yrs at Taiwan, 1 yr at Australia) of experience. This is in the field of Process Control & Instrumentation, Process Modelling, Research with Industrial-Interactions. Working as scientist in the department of Chemical Engineering, CLRI, Chennai (1993-Till date).

Teaching Experience :

Working as Scientist at CLRI, India (24 yrs) & honorary faculty at Anna University, Chennai, India, for 17-20 yrs. Worked as Lecturer at the Dept. of Chemical Engg., Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia (2006-7).

Professional Experience:

He has executed engineering consultancy projects in (i) Process design (5) (ii) Semi automation in tannery wet processes – (20); Odor abatement in Tanneries; Chrome chemical sector (WB – proj); PITIE – Pallavaram (CETP) Problem on Evaporator

Major Field of Interest:

Mathematical modeling of processes, Autotuning of PID Controllers, Relay Feed Back, PID Controllers, Predictive Control, Model Based Control, Process Engineering, Smith predictor, Multivariable systems.

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