CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Dr.N. Uma Maheswari
Senior Scientist
Academic Qualifications
    M.Sc, Ph. D. (Anna University)
Contact Details
Dr.N. Uma Maheswari
Senior Scientist

Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Adyar, Chennai – 600 020
e-mail: umamaheswari@clri.res.in,
Phone:91 44 24437114

Academic Qualifications

1993       Doctor of Philosophy (Bio-organic Chemistry)

                  Faculty of Humanity & Sciences,

                  Anna University, Chennai, India.

1986      Master of Science (Chemistry)

                  Gandhigram Rural University, Madurai, India.

Research interest

Transition metal catalyzed C-H activations

  • In general, traditional approaches for the transformations of C-H bond rely upon pre-functionalized starting materials for both reactivity and selectivity and it requires expensive chemical steps.
  • Compared to the conventional approaches, the methodology is environmental friendly, .atom-economical and have been frequently applied in the synthesis of various natural products, biologically active molecules and organic materials.
  • In addition, the application of C-H activation methods for the preparation of important classes of polycyclic heteroaromatic compounds is one of our main objectives.

Multicomponent reactions

  • The development of novel MCRs is an intellectually challenging task since one has to consider the reactivity match of the starting materials and the reactivity of the intermediates formed in situ.
  • Considering the immense importance of MCRs and their widespread application in organic synthesis, development of new MCRs, continues to be a promising area of research.
  • Hence in order to explore the construction of heterocycles through MCRs a wide spread of catalysts including heterogeneous tungstic acid functionalized titanium nano tubes (TNT) were utilized to synthesize variety of spiroxindoles and quinolones. 



Ph.D Thesis title:
“Synthesis and investigations of lysine bearing peptides and their relevance to crosslinking in connective tissues”, Uma Maheswari. N, Anna University, Nov-1993.

Professional experience 


Senior Scientist
Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.


Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.


Department of FS & AQCL, CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore, India.


Fellow Scientist
Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.


Research Scientist
Membrane Research Technology Singapore (MRTS), Singapore.


Research Associate
Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.


Senior Research Fellow
Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.


Junior Research Fellow
Department of Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai, India.



Current Publications

  • 1-[6-Chloro-2-(phenanthren-9-yl)quinolin-4-yl]pyrrolidin-2-one 
    R.Raja.; Subramani Kandhasamy.; Uma Maheswari Narayanan.; Paramasivam T. Perumal.; Ramu Dhanapal. IUCrData 1 (2016) 160529.

  • Nanofibrous matrixes with biologically active hydroxybenzophenazine pyrazolone compound for cancer theranostics.,
    Subramani Kandhasamy, Giriprasath Ramanathan,Thangavelu Muthukumar,SitaLakshmi Thyagarajan, Narayanan Uma Maheshwari, V P Santhanakrishnan,Uma Tiruchirapalli Sivagnanamb, Paramasivan Thirumalai Perumal. Materials Science and Engineering C 74 (2017) 70–85.
  • Synthesis and Fabrication of Collagen Coated Ostholamide Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffold for Wound Healing.;
    Subramani Kandhasamy, Sathiamurthi Perumal, Balaraman Madhan, Narayanan Uma Maheswari, Javaid Ahmad Banday, Paramasivan Thirumalai Perumal, and Vichangal Pridiuldi Santhanakrishnan. (Accepted Manuscript ACS-Applied Materials and Interfaces)
  • Ru(II)-catalysed regiospecific C-H/O-H oxidative annulation to access isochromeno[8,1-ab]phenazines: far red fluorescence and live cancer cell imaging. 
    Sivakalai Mayakrishnan, Yuvaraj Arun, Chandrasekar Balachandran, Suresh Awale, Narayanan Uma Maheswari and Paramasivan Thirumalai Perumal. (Under review)

Conferences (Paper Presented and Participated)

  • Asia Region Short Course on Food Safety, 2004,TERI, Gual Pahari, India.
  • Snake Venom Peptides, 1998,Biotechnology Centre, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Instrumental and Analytical Techniques for Membranes, 1997,World Trade Centre, Singapore
  • Gordon Research Conference(on Environmentally benign Organic Synthesis), 1997, Queen’s College, Oxford, London
  • Poster presentation at Seminar on Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, 1991,Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India,
  • Mass Spectroscopy,1990,IISc, Bangalore.









  • Post-Doctoral Research Associateship

             Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Delhi, India.

  • Senior Research Fellowship(SRF)

            Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Delhi, India

  • Junior Research Fellowship(JRF)

            Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Delhi, India

Proffessional Affiliation

  • Active Member Americal Chemical Society