CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Dr.S. Swarnalatha
Academic Qualifications
    Ph.D - University of Madras
Contact Details
Dr.S. Swarnalatha

Environmental Science & Engineering
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Adyar, Chennai – 600 020
e-mail: swarnavinayak2009@gmail.com, swarnalatha@clri.res.,


Post doctoral Fellow: National Institute of Environmental Research (Ministry of Environment), South Korea (2012 – 2013).

Ph.D in Environmental Chemistry: Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI), Chennai, India (2008).

M.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry: University of Madras, Chennai, India (1999)

P.G. Diploma in Patent Law: NALSAR PRO University, Hyderabad, India.

Area of research interests
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials, catalysts and photocatalyts from solid waste
  • Development of heterogeneous catalytic and biocatalytic processes for waste water treatment
  • Efficient and energy recovery from tannery solid waste
  • Utilization of tannery waste to synthesis value added products
  • Wastewater treatment through biomolecules extracted from Bacteria, Fungi and Algae
  • Enzyme catalytic treatment of wastewater.
Research Experience
  • Oct 2013 – till date: Scientist, Environmental Technology Division, CSIR – CLRI, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Oct 2012 – Sep 2013: Post doctoral fellow, National Institute of Environmental Research  (Ministry of Environment), South Korea
  • June 2003 – June 2008Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Technology Division, Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai, Tamil Nadu,  India
  • Oct 1999 – Mar 2003 : Research Fellow, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Chennai zonal lab, Tamil Nadu, India
Teaching Experience
  • Aug 2008 – May 2010: Lecturer in Department of Applied Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE), Sriperumbudur, India
Industrial Experience
  • Apr 2011 – May 2012: Asst. Manager in Execution Dept., General Carbon Advisories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Technology transferred (as a team member)
  • Enzyme immobilized catalytic carbon oxidation (ENICO) technique to M/s. Shafeeq Shameel Co., Ambur and M/s. Enumamula Warangal tannery clusters
Projects (ongoing/completed)


Project Title

Funding Agency

Ongoing Project (as Principal Investigator)


Synthesis of metaloxides loaded nanoporous carbon fibres from leather wastes and their applications for the photocatalytic degradation of chlorophenols

Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, Govt. of India

Ongoing Projects (as Team Member)


Treatment of liquid and gaseous wastes generated in leather industry without sludge production using suspended cell/immobilized cell/ immobilized biocatalyst high rate reactors
(STRAIT - CSC0201 – WP 5)

CSIR (Network project - 12th five year plan research project)
Nodal Lab: CSIR - CLRI



Integrated NextGen approaches in health, disease and environmental toxicity (INDEPTH – BSC0111)

CSIR (Network project - 12th five year plan research project)

Nodal lab: CSIR-IITR


Development of Sustainable Waste Management Technologies for Chemical and Allied industries (SETCA – CSC0113)

CSIR (Network project - 12th five year plan research project)
Nodal lab: CSIR-IICT


Development and Application of           Progress Report Technologies for Sustainable Transportation (SUSTRANS ESC-0106 – WP 10)

CSIR (Network project - 12th five year plan research project)
Nodal lab: CSIR-CRRI


Pilot plant study and bench scale study for wastewater streams at Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali


Establishment of CETP at  Enumamula Warangal tannery clusters

Enumamula CETP

Completed Projects (as Team Member)


Wastewater Effluent analysis

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali

Performance Credentials
  • No. of Patents granted: 01
  • No. of Patents filed: 04
  • Technologies transferred (as a team member): 02
  • Total number of Publications: 31
  • Total number of citations: 286
  • h index – 11; i10 index – 12
  • Conference Presentation: 17
Peer Reviewer
  • Journal of Hazardous Materials
  • CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water
  • Environmental Progress and Sustainable energy
  • Environmental Technology
  • Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
Details of Patents
  1. G.Sekaran and S.Swarnalatha, A novel ketene oligomer from aliphatic non-polar amino acids and a process for the preparation thereof. Patent No.: 255932


  1. G.Sekaran, P.Saranya, T.Sailatha, S. Swarnalatha, A. B. Mandal “Calcium integrated lipase-nanoporous activated carbon matrix and a process for the preparation thereof” (2223/DEL/2014).
  2. G.Sekaran, S.Karthikeyan, S.Swarnalatha, A. B. Mandal Nano platinum doped nanoporous activated carbon and a process for the preparation thereof (2353/DEL/2014).
  3. G. Sekaran, P. Maharaja, S. Pavithra, S. Swarnalatha, A. B. Mandal.  A process for the purification of Ammoniacal Nitrogen laden water (160/DEL/2015).
  4. G.Sekaran, P.Saranya, P.Bhavani, S. Swarnalatha, A. B. Mandal. Remediation of chromium contaminated soil using cationic biosurfactant immobilized Nanoporous activated carbon through implantation process (3318/DEL/2015)

Papers published/accepted in sci journals

  1. Maharaja, P., Gokul, E., Prabhakaran, N., Karthikeyan, S., Boopathy, R., Swarnalatha, S., & Sekaran, G. (2016). Simultaneous removal of NH 4+-N and refractory organics through sequential heterogeneous Fenton oxidation process and struvite precipitation: kinetic study. RSC Advances, 6(5), 4250-4261.
  2. Swarnalatha Somasundaram, Tae-Wan Jeon, Young-Yeul Kang, Woo-IL Kim, Seong-Kyeong Jeong, Yong-Jun Kim, Jin-Mo Yeon, Sun Kyoung Shin (2015) Characterization of wastes from construction and demolition sector,  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187(1), 4200
  3. Sathya, K., Saranya, P., Swarnalatha, S., Mandal, A.B.,Sekaran, G. Removal of microcystin-RR, a membrane foulant using exocellular polymer from Enterobacter ludwigii: Kinetic and isotherm studies (2015) Desalination, 369, 175 – 187.
  4. Sailatha, T., Saranya, P., Swarnalatha, S., Velan, M., & Sekaran, G. (2015). Enzymatic destabilization of chemical surfactant in wastewater—a potent ultrafiltration foulant: kinetic studies. Desalination and Water Treatment, (ahead-of-print), 1-16.
  5. P. Saranya, P. Bhavani, S. Swarnalatha and G. Sekaran (2015) Biosequestration of chromium(III) in an aqueous solution using cationic and anionic biosurfactants produced from two different Bacillus sp. – a comparative study, RSC Advances, 5, 80596 – 80611.
  6. S Pavithra, A Madonna, S Swarnalatha, K Mohan Das, AB Mandal, G Sekaran (2015) Degradation of refractory organics in chemical industry wastewater using iron (II) Schiff base complex as homogeneous catalyst in Fenton-like oxidation, Desalination and Water Treatment,DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2015.1011702.
  7. Young-Yeul Kang, Tae-Wan Jeon, Woo-IL Kim, Sun Kyoung Shin, Jin-Mo Yeon, Swarnalatha Somasundaram* (*corresponding author) (2014) Correlation Study between Hazardous Waste Characteristics among various Chemical Processes in Republic of Korea, Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 16, 566-575.
  8. P Saranya, S Swarnalatha, G Sekaran (2014) Lipoprotein biosurfactant production from an extreme acidophile using fish oil and its immobilization in nanoporous activated carbon for the removal of Ca2+ and Cr3+ in aqueous solution, RSC Advances, 4(64) 34144-34155.
  9. C Sumathi, D MohanaPriya, S Swarnalatha, MG Dinesh, G Sekaran (2014) Production of prodigiosin using tannery fleshing and evaluating its pharmacological effects, The Scientific World Journal. 290327. doi: 10.1155/2014/290327.
  10. Sun Kyoung ShinWoo-IL KimTae-Wan JeonYoung-Yeul KangSeong-Kyeong JeongJin-Mo Yeon, Swarnalatha Somasundaram* (*corresponding author) (2013) Hazardous waste characterization among various thermal processes in South Korea: A comparative analysis, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 260, 157–166.
  11. Swarnalatha Somasundaram, Karthikeyan Sekar, Vinod Kumar Gupta, Sekaran Ganesan (2013) Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous activated carbon from rice husk for adsorption of glycine from alcohol-aqueous mixture, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 177, 416–425.
  12. S. Swarnalatha, R. Gopi, A. Ganesh Kumar, P.K. Selvi, G. Sekaran (2008) A novel Amphiphilic Nano hydrogel using ketene based polyester with polyacrylamide for controlled drug delivery system, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 19, 3005–3014.
  13. S. Swarnalatha, A. Ganesh Kumar, G. Sekaran (2009) Electron rich porous carbon/silica matrix from rice husk and its characterization, Journal of Porous Materials, 16, 239 – 245.
  14. Somasundaram Swarnalatha, Arumugam Ganesh Kumara, Srinivasulu Tandaiaha and Ganesan Sekaran (2009) Efficient and safe disposal of chrome shavings discharged from leather industry using thermal combustion, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 84, 751 – 760.
  15. S. Swarnalatha, P.K. Selvi, A. Ganesh Kumar, G. Sekaran (2008) Nanoemulsion Drug Delivery by Ketene based polyester synthesized using electron rich carbon / silica composite surface, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 65 (2,1), 292-299.
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National Journals

  1. R. Sivacoumar, R. Jayabalou, Y.V. Subrahmanyam, N. Jothikumar and  S. Swarnalatha (2001) Air pollution in stone crushing industry and associated health effects. Indian Journal of Environmental Health (IJEH), 43, 169 – 173.
  2. R. Sivacoumar, R. Jayabalou, S. Swarnalatha, N. Vinayagamoorthy and K. Bhagyaraj, Y.V. Subrahmanyam (2004) Air quality status of a beach resort and theme park site with special reference to particulate size distribution, Indian Association of Environmental Management (IAEM), 31, 177 – 181.

Invited Lecture

  1. Invited lecture on “Environmental issues in power production” presented in a two day seminar on “Energy Resources- Generation Next” organized by Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed (JBAS) College for Women in collaboration with Indian Association of Physics teachers” (IAPT) on 12.12.2013 at JBAS college, Chennai.
  2. Invited lecture on Environmental issues in civil Engineering aspects presented at SMK Fomra Institute of Technology on 14.08.2015

Papers Presented In Conferences / Seminars

  1. Presented a paper entitled “Safe disposal of hazardous solid waste from leather industries” in a National Seminar on “Safety – Health – Environment” held during 27 – 28 February, 2004 at Annamalai University.
  2. Awarded third prize for presenting a paper entitled “A non-obvious reactant for the obvious product through a novel catalytic route” in the young scientist seminar competition held at CLRI during 2006.
  3. Received the “Best Paper Award” for presenting a paper entitled “Synthesis of Ketene oligomers from glycine through heterogeneous catalysis” in a National Conference on “Eco-, Sono- and Nanochemistry & Recent Advancements in Chemistry” held during 20 – 21, December 2006.
  4. Awarded first prize for presenting a paper entitled “Low molecular weight Ketene polymers from glycine through novel heterogeneous catalysis” in 41st Leather Research Industry Get – Together (LERIG) held during 27 – 29 January, 2007.
  5. Presented a paper entitled “Starved air incineration of tannery sludge and solidification / stabilization of bottom ash using Portland cement” in “8th Asian Academic Network for Environmental Safety and Waste Management” held during 10 – 13 December, 2006 at Anna University, Chennai.
  6. Microporous / Mesoporous carbons derived from solid wastes” presented in International Conference on “Convergence of science & engineering in education and research a global perspective in the new millennium (ICSE– 2010)” during April 21 – 23, 2010 held at “Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Bangalore”.
  7. Presented a paper entitled “Treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater without sludge production using four stage immobilization reactors” in a National Seminar on National Conference on “Sustenance of Business, environmental, Linguistic and techno scientific resources (VIBHAVAT-2014)” held during 15.10.2014 at RJS first grade college, Bengaluru.
  8. Presented a paper entitled “ELECTRON RICH NANOPOROUS CARBON/SILICA MATRIX FOR THE APPLICATION OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT” in  “3-day International India-UK scientific seminar on Nanomaterials for Clean Water and Clean Energy” from 09th Feb, 2015 to 11th Feb, 2015 held at VIT University, Chennai

Professional training undergone

  1. Participated in the “Induction Training Programme for Scientist” held at CSIR – HRDC, Ghaziabad from 20 – 29th July 2015.
  2. PDXL and PDXL plus software training course for XRD system of held at Laboratory of Korea I.T.S.Co.Ltd., Anyang, South Korea. Feb 20 – 21, 2013. 
  3. Short course on “How to develop and troubleshoot GC and HPLC methods” conducted by American Chemical Society at IIT, Chennai, 2006.
  4. Workshop on sequence analysis and molecular simulation” conducted by Centre for Biotechnology, Guindy Campus, Anna University, Chennai 25
Awards and Fellowship
  • Foreign Post doctoral Fellowship (2012) – Ministry of Environment, South Korea
  • Senior Research Fellowship (2003) – CSIR, India
My Associates

Mentor and Collaborator

Dr. G. Sekaran
Chief Scientist and Cluster chairman
Environmental Technology Division
CSIR – CLRI, Chennai




Dr. Sun Kyoung Shin
Director, Resource Recirculation Research Division
National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)
Incheon, Republic of Korea


Dr. N.R. Sasi Rekha
Assistant Professor
National Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology
University of Madras, Chennai, India

Research Student

Ms. M. Jothieswari
UGC-Junior Research Fellow
Ph.D in Biotechnology (Anna University)