Training Programme in CAD for Garments
Pattern design engineering is a niche element in the apparel design and production. Conventional, manual methods of pattern designing and grading requires skilled personal and time consuming. Use of computer aided design (CAD) systems have rendered much of the above exercises simple and precise.

Alterations/modifications, repeated routine operations at the touch of the key, efficient and interactive marker and costing layout, plotting and cutting of the graded patterns are some of the salient features of the CAD systems for apparel design.

The other significant advantages are
  • Material optimisation

  • Lead time minimisation

  • Enhanced storage and quick retrieval

  • Production planning

  • Costing analysis

The need for the trained manpower in CAD applications for apparel design & production is ever increasing and CLAD at CLRI offers specialised programmes in CAD applications in apparel design and Grading.

  • Introduction to computers & operating system

  • Pattern input and editing

  • Pattern grading

  • Marker making and cost lay plan

  • Pattern cutting and Plotting

CAD Packages
  • Gerber Garment Technology (GGT)


  • Special training programmes for gloves and belt making

  • Training programme in leather goods for physically challenged
Course Duration
The course duration will be 3 weeks for full time and 6 weeks for part time candidates.
Full time 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (5 days a week)
Part time 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM (5 days a week)
2.00 PM to 5.30 PM (5 days a week)

This programme is intended for personal involved in the area of Garment design & Production. Prior qualification or working knowledge in garment technology & basic knowledge in pattern designing is essential

Course fee*
Rs 20,000/- (Plus 14% Service tax) per each package. Payment may be made through online SBI portal using URL

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