CLaRI Processor (Tanning drum)

The device is essentially a substantial improvement of design over existing wooden tanning drum used for leather processing. The major advantages of the device are the following.
  • Better capacity utiization
  • Economy of power consumption
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Ease of operation
The technology is patent protected.

Enzyme applicator
The device ensures an improvisation over the application of processing agents like depilation paste, enzymes etc on hides and skins by providing, unlike the conventional manual method, a mechanistic approach, thereby enhancing the productivity of the process. The device ensures automatic stirring of the liquid to be pasted and thus provides better working environment, where manual operation is totally avoided. The device is patent protected.

2-D Stress relaxation testing device
The device requires a plus shaped sample, which is stretched in mutually perpendicular directions simultaneously to monitor the stress and also the relaxation process of any sheet material in both axes. In view of this advantage, the present device provides the closest approximation to the in situ failure of the material. The technology is patent protected in India and abroad.