CLRI has over the years built up a strong base of a wide range of technologies. Conscious efforts are made by this Institute to secure appropriate Intellectual Property (IP) Rights like PATENT (in India and abroad) and COPYRIGHT in respect of the new developments.

  • Chrome-melamine syntan
  • Cocktail of enzymes
  • Dispersing agent for dry tanning
  • Keratin hydrolysate based retanning agent – Protan KH
  • Lignin based retanning agent
  • Protein based retanning agent – Crostan EA
  • Polypeptide based retanning agent – Dermatan RT
  • Retanning cum lubricating agent
  • Sizing system for children shoes
  • Footwear for diabetic
  • Biogas from tannery solid wastes
  • Compost from animal hair waste
  • High grade gelatin and protein hydrolysate from skin/hide trimming wastes
  • Immobilized oxidation reactors for wastewater treatment
  • Secure landfill method
  • Sequential toxic-anoxic bioreactor (SOABR) technology for reduction of sludge in wastewater treatment
  • Soles from fleshing waste
  • Collagen sheet for wound care

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