First Decade 1965 - 1974

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1st TGT

2nd TGT
3rd TGT
4th TGT
5th TGT
Future Programs
for the Development of Leather
Industry in India

Heavy Leathers, Chrome
Tanning and Village Tanning
Techniques and the Role of the
Leather Industry in the Present
Emergency (1966)

Import/Export Requirements of
Materials, Machinery and
Knowhow (1967)

Dyeing and Finishing of Leather (1969)

Crust Leathers, Other Specialty
Leathers and Leather Products
for Export (1970)

6th TGT

7th TGT

8th TGT

9th TGT

Technological and Developmental
Aspects of Leather Industry

Disposal of Tannery Effluents
And Slaughter House Wastes and
Aspects of Public Health In
Tanneries and Slaughter Houses (1972)

Transfer of Technology In Leather
and Allied Industries (1973)
Development of Finished Leather, Footwear and Leatehr Goods Industries (1974)