Second Decade 1975 - 1984

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10th TGT

11th TGT

12th TGT

13th TGT

14th TGT

Infrastructure for Leather and Leather Based Industries (1975)

Training Programmes and Management Sciences for the Leather & Allied Industries (1976)

Leather Auxiliaries (1978)

Economics of Indian Leather and Leather Ware Industries (1979)

15th TGT

16th TGT

17th TGT

18th TGT

19th TGT

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1980)

Challenges of the 80’s for the Leather and Allied Industries (1981)

Second Phase of Development of the Leather Industry in India (1982)
Integrated Development of Indian Leather and Allied Industries (1983)
National Perspectives for the Development of Leather and Allied Industries (1984)