Third Decade 1985 - 1994

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20th TGT

21st TGT

22nd TGT

23rd TGT

24th TGT

Product Promotion, Polymers and Pollution in Leather and Leather Products (1985)

Recent Advances in Collagen and Leather Finishing (1986)

Raw Materials Resource Potential and Recent Technological Advances in Mineral Tannages (1987)

Modernization of Leather Industry (1988)

Design, Development and In-plant Control for the Leather Industry (1989)

25th TGT

26th LERIG

27th LERIG

28th LERIG

29th LERIG

Perspectives, Policies and Plans for the Leather Industry in the Nineties – A Consensus (1990)

Impact of Changing Global Economic Scene on Indian Leather Industry in Rural and Organized Sector (1991)

Approaches for Sustainable Growth for the Indian Leather Industry (1992)
Organisation and Quality – New Imperatives for the Indian Leather Industry (1993)
The Emerging Scenario for Indian Leather Technology, Industry and Trade (1994)