Fourth Decade 1995 - 2006

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30th LERIG

31st LERIG

32nd LERIG

33rd LERIG

34th LERIG

Eco sustainable Leather Technologies (1995)

Programmable Actions for Challenges in Environment for Development (PACED) (1996)

Cost Effective Options for Management of Pollution through Leather Environment Technologies (COMPLETES) (1997)

Strategic Management for Indian Leather Eminence (SMILE) (1998)

Modernization, Outlook for Development and Empowerment of Leather Sector (MODEL) (2000)

35th LERIG

36th LERIG

37th LERIG

38th LERIG

39th LERIG

Strategies Towards Augmentation of Market Position for Indian Leather Sector (STAMP) (2001)

Technologies, Export Marketing Plan for Leather Sector (TEMPLES) (2002)

Global Benchmarks for Leather Sector (2003)
Paradigm Shifts in Leather Production (2004)
Strengthening, Augmentation, Modernization and Expansion of the Indian Footwear Industry (SAME) (2005)
40th LERIG


Global Repositioning of Indian Leather Products Sector (2006)