Gait and motion analysis is a computerized technique to study how well human stand and walk. The manner in which we stand and walk can reveal the information about the muscles, nerves, or skeletal problems, if any. Computerized motion analysis provides very accurate information about the joint motion that occurs as the subject walks. It also provides information about muscle activity and the ground reaction forces produced during gait.

GAIT LAB is a valuable tool that provides quantitative data for the examination and analysis of postural and walking-related problems, load/ plantar pressure abnormalities and muscle deficits that cannot be measured by a mere objective examination and video recording.

Gait analysis can be used to study the gait of children, patients with diabetes, stroke and neuro muscular disorder patients, range of orthopaedic patients, aging adults, obese people and amputees to prevent and treat the underlying neuromuscular problems by physical therapy and by using corrective footwear / orthotics

Gait analysis laboratory in Shoe and Product Development Center (SPDC), CSIR-CLRI is committed to excellence in Gait analysis and on the cutting edge research and development in Orthotics and Prosthetics for improving the ambulation of disabled.

Apart from the clinical application of gait analysis, application of foot biomechanics in footwear design and development is also carried out in our laboratory. The effect of shoe/ footwear/ orthosis design and materials on gait, foot comfort, cushioning and shock absorption are some of the major research topics of CLRI.

Instrument Facilities available at CSIR-CLRI Gait analysis laboratory, SPDC (Footwear)

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Extension of Gait lab facilities to patients referred by doctors

Fabrication of customized Footwear based on Gait analysis

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