The centre has always made consistent effort to upgrade its facilities. As a result of this sustained endeavour, it has been possible for this centre to equip its laboratory with the following facilities:


1. BOD Incubator

2. Digital Shaker (Orbital and Horizontal)

3. Distillation Unit

4. Freezer Dryer (Lyophilizer)

5. Gas Chromatograph (GCD)


7. pH Meter

8. Microscope (Binocular and Monocular)

9. Rotary Evaporator-VS (Rotavapour System)

10. Re-circulating Cooler

11. Rub Fastness Tester

12. Thickness Measuring Gauge (Digital)

13. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

14. Reflectance Spectrophotometer (Colour measurement of Solid Sample)

15. Soxhlet Apparatus

16. Autoclave

17. Water Testing Equipment (Hanna)

18. Sonicator (Labman)

19. Micro Oven

20. Water Cooler

21. Remi Cyclomix

22. Moisture Analyser

The centre is upgrading its laboratory facilities and reorienting it with testing facilities dedicated to the leather hand gloves sector of the state. It is also to consolidate its technical strength so that it can go beyond the country’s border to serve the neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh while maintaining the services it has been rendering so long to the eastern region of the country to fulfil the dream of those who instituted this centre.  

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