Testing & Certification Services


The centre has been engaged in offering testing and certification services covering chemicals, wastewater and leather at various stages of processing. Finish Leather Certification is a special service under this category, which this centre has been offering to the customs office for the benefit of the industry. This centre inspects export consignments, draws samples, examines them and issues the certificates. Prompt issuance of finish leather certificate benefits the exporters concerned and help the customs office to achieve speedy clearance of the consignments. In the past four years (2016-19) the centre has tested 991 finished leather samples drawn from the Kolkata port. The centre has attained a unique feat of achievement by clearing 94.4% of these samples (936) within 24 hours benefiting the finish leather exporters in this region immensely. During the past so many years, this centre has provided its various services like technology support, HRD, testing and certification, etc.  to a large number of organizations both private and Govt. owned as listed hereunder:

1. Kolkata Customs, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Govt. of India


3. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), Govt. of India

4. Special Investigation Branch (SIB), Kolkata Customs

5. Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), Govt. of India

6. Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of Leather, Leather Products and Components, Chemicals and equipments  from across India

7. National Scheduled Cast and  Finance Development Corporation (NSFDC)

8. Department Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)

9. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Ahmedabad

10. MSME & Textiles, Govt. of West Bengal

These are only few most notable achievement of this centre. The centre began its journey as an extension centre, but in the 80s, it was rechristened as ‘Regional Centre for Extension and Development’ to state emphatically that developmental work is also under its purview. To become to true to its name the centre has also been engaged in research and development work since early 90s. Several research papers have been published in international peer reviewed journals from this laboratory.

The Kolkata centre is also associated with various universities including Calcutta University, presidency university, VIT, MAKAUT and other research institutes in the state. Many B. Tech., M. Tech., M. Sc. Students from these universities have completed their dissertation work from this laboratory. 

Currently, the centre is working on projects with a broad objective of developing technology for utilizing tannery solid waste for making value added products such as i) biopolymer composite and functionalised granulated carbon/magnetic carbon for wastewater treatment, ii) heterogeneous catalyst iii) low cost collagen hydrolysates for industrial production of bio-polysaccharides like chitosan

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Dr. K Sri Bala Kameswari
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute Regional Centre,
3/1C, Mathewartola Road
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Tel: +91 44 24437412
Email: sribalak@clri.res.in