1) DIASTEP - an off the shelf footwear for people with Diabetes at low risk for Diabetic foot ulcer

Goes a long way to help reduce diabetic foot complications; Ensures a better quality of life with enhanced productivity for these patients; Reduces the abnormal distribution of plantar foot pressure; Provides complete open footwear for the patients with diabetic foot risk; Comprising selective top sole, insole and bottom sole made of appropriately selected material; Extensive patient trials have established the efficacy of the footwear.

Features of DIASTEP

  • Cow softy leather upper;
  • Unit moulded sole made from Polyurethane (PU) with extra depth to provide larger area for more effective pressure distribution;
  • Outsole having special tread for better grip and traction;


  • India is the Diabetes Capital of the World with over 72 million affected by it
  • Diabetes is a chronic disease which may lead to various complications to the organs
  • Foot is one of the major organs affected by diabetes
  • Estimated that over 50% of lower extremity amputations are linked to Diabetes
  • Healthcare costs and loss of productivity associated with diabetic foot complications are enormous

2) A novel ankle foot orthosis (AFO)

Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is one of the effective offloading devices. The currently available AFOs and removable walker are customized. Due to neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease, the anatomy of foot of patients with diabetes is significantly different from normal subjects. There are possibilities to get ulcer at any part of the foot sole. In such cases offloading is done by customized AFO. Depending upon the ulcer site, the AFO is made customized. But this method is time consuming and may delay the treatment process. In the present invention, a new design of insole was developed so that an AFO can be used for all patients irrespective of their ulcer site. Indian Patent Application No. 1630DEL2014.

3) A carrying device for electronic handheld machines

Disclosed herein is essentially an ergonomically designed carrying case to hold electronic handheld gadgets for convenience. The device has a cushioned handgrip wrist strap to fit around the hand to stabilize the machine. A unique feature of the device is a weight suspension system that reduces the strain acting on the neck region, thereby reducing the overall weight. This device has a huge Impact on the carrier of the handheld machine because of its ability to easily interact with the user without much hindrance. One of the most important features of the device is that it can be easily manipulated to ensure its application for all sectors such as industrial and commercial purposes, essentially to reduce human effort and work cycle time. It finds enormous application among the personnel engaged in issuing ticket and includes operators such as Traffic Police, Petrol Station operators and Parking Ticket Personnel. Indian Patent application no. is 201711022959.

4) A novel viscoelastic polyurethane and a process for the preparation thereof

Thermoplastic polyetherurethane elastomer which exhibits the properties of common elastomer such as elongation and low compression set and the properties of common PU foam such as hardness and density is synthesized by chain extending the isocyanate terminated prepolymer with compounds containing -CO-NH-NH2 group and diol for application as insole, orthotics, and polymeric biomaterials. India Patent No. IN271639, Date of Certificate Issue 29/02/2016./p>

5) An improved polyurethane foam and the process for the preparation thereof

Disclosed herein is a flexible polyurethane-layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanocomposite foam that finds application in consumer product industries. The polyurethane foam exhibits good flexibility, thus making it suitable for applications where repeated flexing is required, e.g. shoe sole. In footwear industry, the foam is useful in making injection molded footwear and also in footwear components such as outsole, midsole and in-sock. The foam is environmental friendly, halogen free and cost effective. A process for preparation of the polyurethane foam is also provided. Indian Patent application no. 201811017729

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