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RCED-Kolkata is committed to the leather industry in the eastern part of our country. The centre provides a wide range of S&T services to facilitate the growth and development of leather and allied Industries in this region.
Our services include

  1. Technology support  
  2. Library and Information
  3. Human Resource Development
  4. Testing and Analysis
  5. Performance Evaluations of leather chemicals
  6. Certification
  7. Consultancy


RCED-Kolkata extends all kinds of support to the industry in technology related issues to assist the region to stay ahead of others. The centre attaches topmost priority to this service to help the local industry to maximize its benefit from the latest developments that are taking place around the world. RCED-Kolkata has elaborate plan for evaluation, demonstration and implementation of all new technologies especially those developed in the institute.
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This centre has a rich library with all the latest books on leather science and leather products technology. Apart from the books on leather science, it has books on chemistry and a huge collection of study materials. The library also receives journals like JSLTC and JALCA regularly. People from the industry may access the books and journals in the library for business information and update.
For further information and library access please call RCED-Kolkata of CSIR-CLRI at 033 2329 2381         


Currently, the following training programmes are conducted at RCED, Kolkata to meet the needs of the various sectors of the industry:

  1. One month Executive training programme in Leather Processing
  2. One month Executive training programme in Leather Goods Manufacture        
  3. Fifty two-week Diploma course in Leather Goods Manufacture
  4. Three-day training course in Understanding Leather and Leather Trade

However, in addition to those mentioned above, the centre has the flexibility to design various tailor-made courses to suit individual needs.
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Various Physical, Chemical, Microbiological tests required by the leather industry are carried out at RCED-Kolkata. The centre also undertakes analysis of wastewater samples as a part of technical support to the local tanning industry.
To avail the testing service the sample(s) may be sent to the centre along with a filled Sample Analysis Request form and the requisite charge in the form of At-Par-Cheque/Demand Draft drawn in favour of The Director, CLRI payable at Chennai. The test report is delivered by email on request.                                                               

Physical Tests

RCED-Kolkata has the facility to carry out a series of physical tests for leather. For details of the services and the corresponding fees Click here                                                

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis of leather and leather chemicals is done at RCED-Kolkata on a regular basis for quality check and presence of restricted substance. Sample(s) are tested regularly at this centre using modern instrumental facilities like HPLC, GC, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and HPTLC.
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Microbiological Testing Services

Testing leather for mildew resistance and efficacy of antimicrobial agents are done at this centre. According to the protocol, this test requires 30 days to complete. Testing fee for individual sample is INR 5000. For details of this service Click here 

Wastewater Analysis

Wastewater discharged from the tanning units is also tested at this centre for a number of parameters including pH, total chromium, total suspended solid and total dissolved solid. For details please call RCED-Kolkata at 033 2329 2381.

In addition to the aforesaid routine tests, the centre provides diagnostic solutions to any problem related to leather processing and product manufacturing. For any specific enquiry, please call on Scientist-in-Charge, RCED-Kolkata.


RCED-Kolkata has a small pilot tannery where it evaluates the performance of various process chemicals used in leather industry. For any specific enquiry regarding performance evaluation, please call on Scientist-in-Charge, RCED-Kolkata.


RCED-Kolkata has an expert committee for assessment of finished leather meant for export. The centre issues certificate to the intended exporters routinely based on the report of the assessment committee. RCED-Kolkata also certifies leather articles, components and lining used in leather products fabrication. For details regarding fees and application form please call RCED-Kolkata of CSIR-CLRI at 033 2329 2381


RCED-Kolkata provides consultancy services in technical matter connected with any aspect of leather processing and leather goods manufacturing. For solution to any specific technical problem, please call on Scientist-in-Charge, RCED-Kolkata.

For Further Information Please Contact

Dr. K Sri Bala Kameswari
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute Regional Centre,
3/1C, Mathewartola Road
Kolkata 700046
Tel: +91 44 24437412
Email: sribalak@clri.res.in